Being Authentic is Worth the Risk

When you’re different, you see differently. With a different, and “other” lens, comes a different operating system. At TGW, we approach our culture, operations, and work with flexibility.

Our willingness to take risks is second nature, and we’re almost always questioning the status quo.
As a social impact marketing firm, challenges are part of our foundation.

Learn more about TGW Studio, a social impact marketing firm in Rochester, NY

Founded in 2012

TGW (This Good World) Studio was established by two free-thinkers determined to bring good people doing good business together. Fiercely independent, they knew then the world required a collective rejection of the status quo.  More than 10 years later and more determined than ever, founder, Lisa Kribs and TGW are now a proud LGBTQ+/non- binary/women-owned and -operated, Certified B Corp social impact marketing firm.
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Our Team

We’re a close group of human beings—strategists, creatives, writers, brand managers and craftspeople. We show up each day to harness our collective expertise and diverse lenses to build meaningful and impactful relationships with and for our partners.


Lisa Kribs

She/They   |

Creative Director

Courtney "CB" Brown

Any Pronouns   |

Strategy Director

Beal St. George

She/Her   |


Lily Garnaat

They/Fae   |


Raven-Symone Reynolds

She/Her   |

Senior Brand Strategist

Julia Morrison

She/Her   |

Our Ethos

As a social impact marketing firm, we do all this while working within the challenges of the capitalist system in which we must operate. We are activists for this planet and humanity and believe this work is time sensitive. Our values and mission are central to who we are. We believe good people find good people, and we are committed to cultivating shared value and instilling cultural change for our partners.

But enough about us, tell us about you.

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Lisa Kribs (She/They)

In the simplest terms, Lisa is a creative, a strategist, and an INFJ. More than a decade ago, Lisa founded TGW Studio, bringing an extensive background in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors, both in-house and agency-side. They have 15+ years of experience in creative and brand strategy, market research, digital campaigns, web, and beyond.

Lisa loves to develop and help brands define their vision, voice, and visual language while underlining that these elements can be the difference between an organization’s success or failure. Lisa believes in optimism activism and a need for cultural change. Lisa believes that focusing on the intersection of diverse design and social impact can transform communications and communities everywhere.

Lisa has been involved in major campaigns with many organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, the Eastman Museum, 1% for the Planet, I Love NY, and The Urban League. Lisa has been featured in TIMES magazine, Marketing Brew, and Oprah Magazine, among others.

Outside of work, you can find Lisa with their two small kiddos, two cats, and their electrifying partner. Lisa finds house music, a crisp marker, organ melodies, banter about the paranormal, and libraries extremely calming. Lisa misses riding their motorcycle every day.

Lisa’s daily mission is to work toward empathy, equity, and resilience for the Alpha generation and those who will roam the world after us.


Courtney “CB” Brown (any pronouns)
Creative Director

After graduating from Purchase College and spending some time working in New York City, CB boomeranged back to their hometown. What was meant to be a short break from the city became a much more permanent stay as CB fell in love with what Rochester had to offer. Inspired by TGW’s mission, CB joined the team in 2017 and, since then, has been integral in growing & shaping TGW’s voice.

With a minor in psychology and a love for research and analysis, CB brings a critical lens to TGW’s design work, ensuring our creative output goes far beyond just “looking nice.” Outside of TGW, CB can usually be found juggling 2-5 passion projects at a time, which typically include at least one of the following:

  • Drawing
  • Cats
  • Storytelling
  • The Supernatural
  • Being Silly


Beal St. George (She/Her)
Strategy Director

At TGW Studio, Beal leads partners toward strategic solutions that bring their work, vision, and brand into meaningful alignment. Eager to learn, analyze, and experiment, Beal ensures that TGW delivers industry-defining work for its partners and the world—and that it provides radically thoughtful frameworks to nurture creativity and imagination. 

Hailing from Ithaca, New York, Beal lived for seven years in Vermont, where she worked in nonprofit fundraising and communications. 

In 2021, she returned to her home state, settled in Rochester with her cat Lunch Box, and joined the team at TGW. 


Lily Garnaat (They/Fae)

Lily was raised in an artistic household– they had a life of arts & crafts, photography, long woodsy walks, and getting messy for the fun of it. As fae grew, fae wished to find a place where they could care for others, express themselves, explore their identity, and be creative– all at the same time. A tall order indeed! But TGW Studio was the answer to their wish upon a star. Today, you can find faer doing just as fae did as a kid– but they tend to stand a little taller. They’re also a proud parent of three little pigs (guinea pigs, that is), and a lover of dungeons & dragons, cartoons, fantasy novels, and cooking.


Raven-Symone Reynolds (She/Her)

Born and raised in Rochester, Raven is a doting chinchilla mom and a huge traveller. She joined the amazing team at TGW back in 2021 and has loved every minute of it! During her free time, you can find her planning her next trip, playing some horror game she has no business playing, or trying out a new restaurant.


Julia Morrison (She/Her)
Senior Brand Strategist

After working in the world of digital marketing and content writing for a few years, Julia came to TGW hoping to find a meaningful career that made a difference in the world. Upon starting at TGW as a Content Producer, she found just that. Julia has since become TGW’s Content Strategist, in-house DJ, and Sensitive Pisces Baby. If you are interested in reality shows about mean rich people, DIY music, weightlifting, 90s alternative female singers, and rants about pop culture, please email her immediately.