Welcome to the campfire. Please pull up a block.

We happen to think the best ideas are born around good conversation by the campfire. The TGWstudio Campfire was established as an integral part of our shop in early 2016 to help bring ideas, both our own and others’, to life. It’s an incubator of sorts, though we’d prefer that word be left with the medical community. We’ve created our own products, including This Good World and Good Ads, and have had our hands in a number of others behind the scenes. We love this stuff. If you love it too, we’d love to chat. After all… why not?

Who/what are we looking for?

1. We’re looking for people with compelling ideas for products or services that focus on sustainability and social change, but just need a little help getting to market & making it happen.

2. We’re looking for partnerships with people, brands and organizations that have existing products but desire a new tech-driven approach with a healthy dose of positive impact.