Help 4 roc

What will you spend your stimulus check on? If the answer is anything other than essential food, shelter, or supplies—consider donating to those who desperately need help. Just 4% of your check could make a huge difference.

hand holding stimulus check

Other options to consider

Support an individual or Family directly

You may already know someone struggling to secure food or pay bills in this time. Reach out or send money anonymously to those who need it.

Support a local business

Buy gift cards, order take-out, and shop online at local businesses if you want to see them survive the shutdown.

Take The PLedge

Do you commit to donating 4% or more of your stimulus check to Rochestarians in need?

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We took the pledge:

$ 100
Estimated Donations 4 ROC

Teale Fox


Missy Brewer

Emma Daitz

Foodlink and Willlow Domestic Violence Center

Mary Nicholas

Foodlink, Center for Youth, Genesee Land Trust. Great idea! Thanks TGW Studio : )

Shelly Thomas

Foodlink and Center for Youth

Kristina Button

Gavin Thomas

Center for Youth & WXXI

Lisa Kribs


Courtney Brown