A Pleasure Hunt

Courtney "CB" Brown

It can be easy to forget that there’s a whole world right outside, especially when the whole world appears to be right here on my phone. Why go for a walk when I could watch someone else go for a walk in a much more interesting place? They even have a cat hanging out of their backpack, for Christ’s sake!


Despite being a chronic daydreamer, always considering imaginary places, people, and things I could envelope myself in (bit of a noun-ophile), I know there is no “more interesting” place in reality. No matter where I go, it will be my responsibility to find meaning in what I find. I mean, I could put my cat in a backpack if I really wanted to…


If you, too, struggle to click into the right-now, may I suggest an activity? It’s called a “Pleasure Hunt.” It’s like a scavenger hunt, except you let delight lead the way. The purpose is to engage with the little moments of joy that are available to you, and only you, right now.


I followed a list by educator Lena Peak at The Expansive Group, which is shared below. If it’s accessible to you, it’s highly encouraged that you look for these things outside your home and uncover new ways to connect with the world outside your door.

Try your best to find…