Being Authentic is Worth the Risk

Founded in 2012 TGW (This Good World) Studio was established by two free-thinkers determined to bring good people doing good business together. Fiercely independent, they knew then the world required a collective rejection of the status quo. More than 10 years later and more determined than ever, founder, Lisa Kribs and TGW are now a proud LGBTQ+/non- binary/women-owned and -operated, Certified B Corp social impact marketing firm.

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Our Team

We’re a close group of human beings—strategists, creatives, writers, brand managers and craftspeople. We show up each day to harness our collective expertise and diverse lenses to build meaningful and impactful relationships with and for our partners.

When you’re different, you see differently. With a different, and “other” lens, comes a different operating system. At TGW, we approach our culture, operations, and work with flexibility. Our willingness to take risks is second nature, and we’re almost always questioning the status quo. As a social impact marketing firm, challenges are part of our foundation.

Our Ethos

We are activists for this planet and humanity and believe this work is time sensitive. Our values and mission are central to who we are. We believe good people find good people, and we are committed to cultivating shared value and instilling cultural change for our partners.

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Creators of the World's Gayest Employee Mug!

If you’re a gay, this mug’s for you. Whether you’re at the office, over Zoom, or working from home with your cat—celebrate your gayness with a “World’s Gayest Employee” coffee mug.

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