Give a Damn.

Founded in 2012 by Lisa Kribs and Gavin Thomas, TGW Studio is a social impact marketing and creative studio that partners with forward-thinking businesses to tell their stories.

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An approach and mission that, from DAY 00001, is driven by the belief that our collective futures rely on organizations and brands of all shapes and sizes to be a force for good. TGW works with folks ready to put a dent in (or fully demolish) their “business as usual” status and turn the impact dial up to 10.

We’re a group of nice people trying to do things that make a damn difference. We’re at our best when working with similarly nice people with similarly impactful ideas. If you’re looking to apply modern marketing and successful, measurable strategies to your business and may or may not know how to jump in, let’s chat.

Our Team

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Lisa Kribs
Founding Partner

Beal St. George
Strategy Director

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Courtney Brown
Creative Director

Raven Reynolds

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Lily Garnaat

Julia Morrison
Content Strategist

Our Partners

Our partners live up to their mission. They are the influential hybrids of action and advocacy. They challenge the norm. They change their communities. They are This Good World.