Emily VanDerEems

But I guess just being is an awfully strange place to be.

You’re reminded of how carefree your life used to seem

when nothing mattered and you had your whole existence in front of you

These little moments 

come back now and then

the thunderstorms 

the fantasies

the weekends of wonder 

You go back for a brief moment 

whether on purpose or not 

to feel nostalgic



And then you’re forced back to reality 

and then some

infinite opportunity smacks you in the face

and reminds  you of all the things you’re doing 

not doing

and you want to make them proud 

and be who you said you’d be 

But that’s the thing you just are. 

You’re just a being 

just being

There are a million different ways your life could have gone

And a million different ways your life will go

And every day you’re gonna show up as one. 

It’s not the same being as yesterday

and you won’t be the same being tomorrow 

But the world is growing and changing and bending and balancing and 

you are growing and changing and bending and balancing right along with it. 

It’s simple and it’s messy and it’s beautiful and it’s tragic 

But I hope it makes you realize

you are way more than just being.