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AI Variant Animation

I fed DALL-E my illustration and asked it to create variations and then variations on those variations until it created… this.

Are AI-Generated Cryptids Going To Take Over?

A cryptid is a creature that has not been proven to exist but people believe it does. Some famous examples are BigFoot, The Loch Ness Monster, Slenderman, etc. With ai generators creating horrifying monsters so quickly and without much thought, will their stories be as haunting as their predecessors?

Don’t Try This at Home: The Crisis and Challenge of ChatGPT

99% of the time, I subscribe to the adage, “try it, you might like it!” By this logic, I should be racing over to ChatGPT to ask it to write my first novel and then explain to me how to get it published. But ChatGPT—and its bedfellows like DALL·E 2—are, for me, a bridge too far.

Dall-e_Prompts.exe Playlist

Inspired by ChatGPT, DALL-E, AI, TikTok, 64 bit encryption, Octavia Butler, William Gibson | “GET MOST SPECTACULAR IMAGE CHAT SOUND” | 4 TGW Studio’s Midnight Snack Zine DIY vs AI