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One Dumb Phone

A few months ago, I made my smartphone a dumb phone. I switched the display to grayscale, got surgical about removing any app upon which I’d developed a penchant for scrolling (I’m looking at you, New York Times), and hung new wallpaper, an Apple-provided option: all-black fading to gray toward the bottom.

Limbo: A Book List

Liminal spaces are places of transition (you can read that literally, metaphorically, philosophically…) and they satisfyingly scratch an itch somewhere deep inside me. Liminal spaces are at once unsettled and unsettling, comforting and comfortable, transformative and deeply ordinary. Many have written very eloquently about, or from within, these states of limbo, so I compiled an eclectic list of books I’ve read recently that each, in their own entirely unique way, attends to this concept.

Music from the In-Between

It would be too easy to call I Love You Jennifer B a masterpiece—the logical end result of two highly experienced and technically skilled artists coming together. Every component of the album, from lyrics to loops, evokes something different—the attitude of a 70s punk band, the futuristic production of a Bjork album, the glitchiness and grit of a 100 Gecs single.