Harriet's Lantern Trail

Marketing Strategy

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Equal Rights Heritage Center sought to find a way to engage people in Auburn’s history despite many attractions being closed. TGW Studio’s solution was Harriet’s Lantern Trail, a city-wide scavenger hunt that explores Harriet Tubman and other influential Auburn figures, places, and events in history.

How Does it Work?

As explorers navigate the trail, they’ll find scannable lanterns with accounts from Auburn’s most famous historical figures, including Harriet Tubman herself, Frances Seward, Theodore Case, and more. The easy-to-navigate exhibit creates an engaging activity for all ages to immerse in Auburn’s rich history and see the City as Harriet Tubman did.

In an author’s quest to explore Tubman’s life, they stumble across a surprise “lantern” that led them to a hub of knowledge about Tubman’s work, history, and connections around Auburn.

Getting the Word Out

In addition to the concept, design, and build of Harriet’s Lantern Trail, TGW Studio also launched a digital ad campaign to inform the public and entice potential visitors.

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