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Simplifying Civic Engagement

TGW Is proud to have developed the brand identity and voice for Instant Input, a platform that project owners such as municipalities and private developers use to share project information and gather feedback from local community members.

Instant Input gives residents a voice in the future of their communities.

Instant Input is an app that offers interactive feedback, allowing both community members and project owners to provide and access transparent feedback easily. It enables engagement with a diverse local audience, providing real-time insights for projects. The app simplifies civic engagement for various stakeholders, promoting transparency and accountability with expert support available.

A Symbol of Community

The pigeon is a familiar neighborhood symbol, found wherever folks gather both in urban and rural areas. The carrier pigeon, delivering a message, symbolizes a grassroots connection. It’s a reminder that we’re all in this together, sharing ideas and feedback from the heart of our communities, working collectively to make our spaces even better no matter where or who we are.

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