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Planned Parenthood’s Teen Community Hub

Through our continuing partnership with Planned Parenthood of Central and Western NY (PPCWNY), TGW Studio proudly introduces Moxie, a digital platform to help teens, young adults, and parents navigate topics of sexual health and relationships through community initiatives.

We’ve got moxie, baby!

Moxie provides a safe online space for teens to discuss questions and concerns about their sexual health. Plus, Moxie partners with local after-school programs to support healthy and successful transitions into adulthood.

Educational and community support can offer teens opportunities to connect and learn together with the help of Planned Parenthood.

Moxie’s blog and Planned Parenthood’s YouTube channel also cover topics of sexual health, birth control, and STIs taught by Planned Parenthood’s Sexperts.

Planned Parenthood’s teen programs provide sexual and reproductive health support while building strong communities through creativity and career development.

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