Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood

Strategy & Video/ Motion Graphics Production

TGW Studio is proud to partner with Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood (UHPP), serving the Albany, Hudson, and Troy communities of New York. This partnership aims to advertise UHPP’s free HIV and Hepatitis-C testing, regardless of insurance. TGW Studio helped to get the word out with a quick and to-the-point motion graphic video. 

Be In Control of Your Sexual Health

Offering free HIV and Hepatitis C testing is essential to improve our community’s well-being, as early detection is key for effective STI treatment. In fact, HIV can sometimes lie dormant in people for years before budding symptoms arise.

Through simple line design and animation, TGW’s video encourages everyone, regardless of health insurance, sexual history, or sexual preference, to take advantage of free HIV and Hepatitis C testing, without language or imagery meant to scare people into getting tested. Removing the fear-mongering about STI treatments is essential to dismantling the stigma.

As anti-transgender and anti-gay bills continue to pass around the United States, it’s important to emphasize that Planned Parenthood is a safe space for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, sexual behavior, gender identity, and gender expression. Everyone deserves care that is accessible, effective, and compassionate.

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