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A Pleasure Hunt: A Freshly Baked Approach to Playtime

Welcome to July! It’s hard to believe the middle of the year, and time has already snuck up behind us and swallowed us whole like a whale devouring a small school of fish for dinner. Anyways, our newest issue of Midnight Snack is available now for your viewing pleasure.


Volume I, Issue 4 is all about playtime. Yes, children and toys are a common theme– but what does it mean when adulthood changes our perception of play and what we play with? What could happen if play became something more tangible to our sense of self and worldview, altered how we internalize our actions and mannerisms as functioning members of this society and is no longer limited to the imagination and circumstances of childhood but have transformed into something bigger? Maybe… or maybe playtime is about calming down that voice. It’s really up to you.


July also means that it’s summertime in upstate New York, and the city of Rochester is very busy trying to fit in every ounce of fun that’s possible before the chilling winds and slippery snowfall trap us inside (and relegate us to staring longingly out our windows). Living in such a delicate climate can create FOMO (fear of missing out) during these summer months. If we’re not spending every waking moment outside enjoying the (sometimes) fresh air, it can feel like wasted time. Even if we stay in the same city the entire summer, we have the ability to transform our current environments into something more. Through a little bit of introspection, we can perceive our everyday places with a new perspective.


To challenge this, TGW’s Creative Director, Courtney “CB” Brown, went on a “Pleasure Hunt.” Created by educator Lena Peak at The Expansive Group, this exercise encourages you to rediscover your surroundings and tune in to your senses.


But it doesn’t stop there! Every member of the TGW crew bakes their own snack for each issue. Regardless if they’re light and fluffy or heavy and doughy, every snack promises a  home-made quality and is made with care. 


Check out the newest issue of Midnight Snack here, and feel free to rummage around in the fridge to find something yummy.

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