Equal Rights Heritage Center

Brand Identity & Marketing Strategy

In 2019, TGW Studio was selected as the official marketing partner for the NYS Equal Rights Heritage Center, an interactive visitor center and equal rights destination located in Auburn, NY. The Center itself and its visual identity drive visitors to the City of Auburn and its growing attractions in arts, entertainment, food & beverage, and culture—as well as to its unmatched equal rights historical venues and landmarks, including the Harriet Tubman National Historical Park, William Seward House, and many more.

A bronze statue of Harriet Tubman—representing her as an Underground Railroad conductor and warrior for freedom—stands at seven-and-a-half feet tall in the courtyard of the Equal Rights Heritage Center. The Center’s logo mark, a lantern, references Tubman’s enduring legacy and inspires visitors to uncover something new on their visit to this vibrant small city.

Shining a Light on Auburn, NY

The brand and visual identity of the Equal Rights Heritage Center reference the many hidden histories of the city. Auburn was deeply connected to our nation’s struggle for equal rights and was a hotbed of progressive activity (like its neighbor, Seneca Falls, NY). Auburn was the chosen home of many notable historical figures, including Harriet Tubman, a conductor on the Underground Railroad who later settled her family in Auburn, and William Seward, a former New York State governor and, later, Abraham Lincoln’s secretary of state.

More than a Visitor Center

The Equal Rights Heritage Center is equal parts visitor center, interactive exhibit, and community gathering space. Whether you’re looking at the building’s architecture or the Center’s strategic brand identity, or maybe a single digital ad or marketing email, the Center’s identity as a community hub shines through. From hosting Saturday Farmer’s Markets in 2021 to encouraging visitors to visit all of the historical and cultural sites throughout the city to being home to a Taste NY market featuring local foods and wares, the ERHC is a jumping-off point for exploring all that Auburn, NY has to offer.

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