GreenSpark Solar

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TGW’s hand-in-hand work with GreenSpark Solar began in 2016 and grew into a longstanding, full-service marketing partnership to connect with precise target consumers and businesses in the challenging, emerging renewable energy market.

In 2021, GreenSpark was named the #2 fastest-growing company in Western NY and the Finger Lakes by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, having installed 165 MW of clean solar energy across the state.

With TGW Studio as their agency of record, and focused on both brand identity and key growth strategies, GreenSpark experienced explosive growth and high accolades across the board. By bringing our signature key ingredients—from creative adventurousness to measurable marketing tactics—to a close working relationship with the team at GreenSpark Solar, TGW helped meet (and exceed) short-term goals year after year, while also defining this fast-growing business as the region’s #1 solar provider—and as an earth-changing force for a sustainable future.

TGW created a brand strategy and visual identity for GreenSpark Solar to lead the company into a strong growth era. A mission statement, vision, core values, brand personality, photos, videos, and brand assets all came together to create consistency for internal and external audiences. Emphasizing the company’s local roots, loyal presence, affordability, and solution-focused products, the GreenSpark brand was born.

TGW built a highly functional, easy-to-use, and informative web presence for GreenSpark Solar. By optimizing the site for both solar education and lead generation, TGW extended GreenSpark’s approachable brand into a site that worked not only to generate and inform new leads but also to serve loyal customers and solar enthusiasts.

Focusing on high-quality tactics, TGW led GreenSpark to achieve a 320% increase in qualified digital leads over two years, and a 172% increase in qualified digital leads year-over-year.

By taking a holistic approach to direct lead strategy, sound brand management, and organizational execution, TGW secured key growth opportunities for GreenSpark Solar, helping to make our beloved region a little bit greener.

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