Trauma-Informed Network & Resource Center

Branding and Marketing Strategy

Rooted in compassion, guided by community.

TGW Studio partnered with the New York State Trauma-Informed Network and Resource Center (NYS TINRC) to create a robust branding and marketing strategy for the new organization. NYS TINRC has steadily expanded its network and has become an informative and accessible resource for everyone in New York State, regardless of background.

Our Logo Design Process

Our initial sketches explored Lady Liberty’s torch, NY state’s outline, and hearts containing connected networks. Later in the process, we shifted from a focus on networking in New York to one of compassion and mutual support, which informed the flower logo mark and its complementary tag, rooted in compassion, guided by community.

Join the Journey: NYS TINRC’s First Conference

We crafted conference materials, social media presence, and messaging to convey the NYS TINRC’s commitment to people. The message is simple: we work hard because we care deeply about the betterment of New York State and our collective healing. No matter where you are in your journey, every New Yorker is invited to learn about trauma-informed practices and to “Join the Journey!”

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