6 Things I’ve Learned in 6 Months at TGW Studio

👋 Dannie here! Now that we’re knee-deep in this brisk weather, it’s hard to believe May was only six months ago. May wasn’t only special because of the fresh flowers and saying so long to April showers, but it’s when I started at TGW Studio. In six short months, we’ve continued to strive to do the best we can for ourselves and our clients, pouring our passion, hard work, and collaborative efforts into a swirling pot of care for every project we work on. As a newbie to the marketing world, I’d like to reflect on six of my most important lessons so far. 

Double Check That, Again and Again

Don’t ask questions, and don’t try to refute this. Just trust me. Check every word of your copy, social post, poster, card, email, and everything before sending it off. Don’t even talk about it until you check it. Thanks! 

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize!

Does anyone else see a long list of tasks, and then your brain starts to shut down? Start ranking that to-do list like it’s a ladder. Sometimes, it’s helpful to do what absolutely has to be done that day first. To take out any second-guessing, communicate with your colleagues, too! This way, you’ll know what’s a *absolute* priority and which are frauds (aka flexible).

Through extensive research, I’ve discovered that the world WILL NOT end if everything isn’t completed by 5 p.m., so keep that in mind.

Sing and Dance with SEO

I used to think, “If I’m not working in marketing, what do I need to know SEO for?” Well, SEO is essential for everyone, not just those hustling and bustling in marketing. If you ever want to get a click from someone out there in the world who’s not your best friend or your estranged former co-worker, you need to use and understand the power of  ✨keywords✨. With the proper ✨keywords✨, people can search and find YOU through Google. Whether you’re an up-and-coming musician or you run a cute craft shop, use SEO to get more clicks. I’m looking at you, freelancers! 

A great (and free) resource for learning what works and what doesn’t in SEO is Rank Math. (Do you like this outbound link to improve the SEO?)

We Do It All

In marketing, we wear a lot of different hats. Sometimes, we’re wearing so many hats it’s a surprise we don’t topple over from them all!  Wearing many hats is great; it keeps us nimble, quick on our feet, and flexible. 

But life comes with no manual, and sometimes, it’s chucking 100mph baseballs directly at our faces.

Wearing many hats is great; it keeps us nimble, quick on our feet, and flexible. We’re like flawed superheroes.

Our shopping bag saves the world from evil!

Keep Trying & Be Patient

I know the saying is “practice makes perfect,” but they left out the part where the practice you’re doing takes literally forever before it can be even close to perfect. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is more accurate… but how many days does it take? Either way, be patient. Don’t give up, even if it feels like all directions are pointing to the end. Ignore it. Maybe track your progress; it helps keep us motivated.


A trusting workplace is a happy workplace. At TGW Studio, we say what we mean and mean what we say. We trust each other to follow through and do their best work. I am most grateful to be surrounded by an incredibly talented, kind, funny, and understanding (AND COOL) group of folks who trust me and each other to do what we need to do. ❤️‍🔥Most importantly, though, trust yourself. Believe in your abilities, listen to your instincts, and know you can do it. Sure, it’s a little corny, but having confidence in yourself is just as crucial as trusting your team.

September 2023: TGW Studio’s New Team Photo!

Founded in 2012 by Lisa Kribs, TGW Studio is an LGBTQ+/non-binary/women-owned and -operated social impact marketing firm that partners with forward-thinking brands to tell their stories. We’re a full-service marketing firm proudly creating and communicating purposeful experiences for businesses and organizations across sectors and society.

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