Photo of the interior of the Equal Rights Heritage Center which shows two people interacting with a digital exhibit on an iPad. Behind them is a wall of portraits of key figures in U.S. history

Branding the Equal Rights Heritage Center

TGW is honored to have been tasked with developing the brand identity and strategy for the Equal Rights Heritage Center. When you first step into the Center, you see the thread connecting the past, present, and future of human rights. Their “Seeing Equal Rights Exhibit” honors New York’s human rights history with interactive displays. These displays highlight key humanitarian figures and events. These values are honored in the Center itself as well as the City of Auburn as a whole.

Photo of a statue of Harriet Tubman with a lantern

There was no lack of inspiration to pull from as TGW built a brand for the Equal Rights Heritage Center. Possibly the most iconic feature of the space is the Harriet Tubman statue that watches over their exterior. Harriet holds a lantern, rich with symbolism, that TGW wanted to represent through the brand.

Orange and yellow logo of the Equal Rights Heritage Center which features a lantern as its mark

The lantern is a symbol for lighting the way, both in discovering our country’s history and in establishing our future. As a logo, it recognizes the Center as the gateway to Auburn and also a beacon of hope for equality.

TGW is proud to be a part of this project and the work the City of Auburn is doing to share our history and inform our future. To learn more about the Center, and see the new brand in action, check out their brand spankin new website designed by yours truly.

Photo of the Equal Rights Heritage Center brand unveiling with a group of people looking at a screen
Visitor Experience Manager, Courtney Rae Kasper reveals new logo at press release in September

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