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Fighting For Our Planet: 10 Opportunities to Get Involved

Although Earth Month is coming to a close, don’t let that stop your efforts to fight climate change. These ten ideas to get involved are easy, accessible, and they all start within your community. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make a difference together!

1. Color Your Community Green

Climate Solutions Accelerator is mobilizing counties throughout the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region through the CYCG initiative. This offers an opportunity for engaged climate activists, local neighbors, and organizations to come together and take collective action for the betterment of our planet.

2. Go Solar

Local solar providers like GreenSpark Solar are growing as New York State aims to run on 70% renewable energy by 2030 and 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040. Your home or business can make the switch to sunshine for less than what you are paying on your monthly energy bill, with most companies offering free quotes.

3. Join an Urban Greenspace

Become a volunteer, partner, or intern at Taproot Collective! This program helps design and build systems for fresh local food and housing, with an abundance of educational opportunities. 

4. Compost

Reduce your waste while helping to create rich soil! Community Composting and Impact Earth have joined forces to provide composting services to Monroe County so we can give less to our garbage and more to our gardens.

5. Clean Up Your Mess (The Right Way)

Did you know that things that are unsafe or even illegal to throw away, like electronics, pharmaceuticals, motor oil, scrap metal, and styrofoam, can still have a second life? The Monroe County Ecopark allows residents to dispose of wastes responsibly; depending on the item, it is self-serve or appointment-based. They even have a Recyclopedia to make sure you have all the right information about what you’re putting out on your curb.

6. Swing By Your Local Co-op

Next time you find yourself in the South Wedge of Rochester, try stopping into Abundance Food Co-op. Co-ops are grocery stores that prioritize local, organic, sustainable, and responsible products, so you can feel better about your three square meals a day.

7. Do Some Spring Cleaning

Done with clutter? Check out Rochester’s Community Wishbook to see if you can donate to a local organization. Simply click on an item that you’d like to donate on the list, then call or email the contact to arrange a delivery or pickup. The site also boasts a call for volunteers as well as events you can attend to support your community.

8. Participate in I Love My Park Day

Join the largest single-day volunteer event geared toward giving some TLC to parks near you. For their 10th anniversary of the event, state parks such as Cayuga Lake, Fillmore Glen, Taughannock Falls and more will be hosting a safe, in-person clean-up.

9. Become a Certified B Corp

With over 3,500 organizations (including yours truly) being part of this global community, becoming a B Corp is a testament to better business with a commitment to sustainable operations. Support our planet and join us with their Certification Readiness Guide.

10. Give 1% Back

Join 1% for the Planet, an international organization that activates businesses to give at least one percent of annual sales to environmental causes. This program puts you above the competition with conscious consumers and can support your mission of making a positive impact in your community. 

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