vectorized collage illustration of the ways you can stay connected with tech this holiday season

Make Your Bandwidth Soar This Holiday Season

Connecting is going to be more important than ever this holiday season, but so is doing it safely. We’ve put together some ideas for you to be together with your loved ones in the coming weeks, even if you’re apart.

Find the Culprit

Head online to play in the virtual game, Among Us. Open to 4-10 players, you’ll be blasted into space together but an alien imposter is among you looking to kill. Figure out the culprit together or it’s GAME OVER for you and your crew.  

Tune in Together

Tune in and share your favorite tracks or podcasts with your favorite peeps! Spotify offers Group Sessions so you can listen together no matter how far you are from the other participants. Simply open your Spotify app and click on Settings > Devices > Devices menu > Start a Group Session.

Be Someone's Eyes

Share a special moment with a stranger by offering your help. Using the app Be My Eyes, you can join a global community that connects blind and low-vision users to sighted volunteers for virtual visual assistance. Help someone hang up holiday decorations, read recipes, or anything in between.

Collaborate Creatively

Try out Aggie, an easy-to-use internet browser open to doodlers, professional creators, and all drawers in between that allows creators to share a canvas in real time. 

Throw a Movie Night

Using Teleparty, you and your loved ones can sync up with video playback and group chats for a fun movie night without having to share the popcorn.

Launch a Bookclub

We all say we are gonna read more. Make it happen with Bookclubz! This online platform lets you create and organize your own exclusive book club for all the readers in your life.

Volunteer Virtually

With COVID-19 creating in-person limitations, share your heart for community with From marketing work and design, to tutoring and translation, there are endless opportunities to get involved.

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