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New Faces At TGW Studio

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“I’m convinced ice cream tastes better if you eat it with a fork.”

Kristina Button, Account Intern

What do you do?
As a Communication major, I gravitate towards media writing, brand development, and content creation.

What drew you to TGW?‍
From perusing on their website to visiting their location, I was immediately impressed by TGW’s brand. When I met the team, they were incredible individuals with their focus on making a positive difference and I knew I wanted to be a part of that impact.

How much coffee do you consume daily?
As much as is is available!

What is one thing that has surprised you about college?
I surprised myself in my ability to adapt. Moving out-of-state, I’ve been able to adjust and enjoy exploring new places, foods, and interests while connecting with amazing people.

What are you looking forward to after graduation?
For the opportunity to integrate myself more in the city of Rochester.

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“I have five tattoos, two of which I got while studying in Florence, Italy, and three that I designed myself”

Danielle Dirks, Design Intern‍

What area of interest do you gravitate towards within your major?
My favorite aspect of design would have to be branding and logo design. Building a company’s personality from the ground up is such an adventure. Mood boards, color palettes, typography: there’s nothing else I’d rather have keeping me up at night.

Why TGW?
Whenever I’m given an assignment in class, I always try and create something that has real-world use to it: an infographic for Planned Parenthood that educates people on the many services they provide or a rebranding for the Donor Sibling Registry. Everything I create has a purpose. So when I discovered that TGW shared that same ethos, well, you could say I was smitten

Which class might you not make out alive this semester?
History of Photography. The course material is incredibly interesting, but the classroom itself is like a walk-in freezer.

In what ways have you surprised yourself through the college experience?
If you had told me back in high school that in three short years, I would be a straight-A student with my own apartment, an internship, and a work of art in a traveling, Italian exhibition, I would have said you were off your rocker. I’m constantly surprised by the things I create and the obstacles I have overcome. I guess I never realized how resilient I was.

What excites you the most about post-grad life?
Getting paid to do what I love. Nothing beats that.‍‍‍

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Founded in 2012 by Lisa Kribs, TGW Studio is an LGBTQ+/non-binary/women-owned and -operated social impact marketing firm that partners with forward-thinking brands to tell their stories. We’re a full-service marketing firm proudly creating and communicating purposeful experiences for businesses and organizations across sectors and society.

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