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Stay Cool While Summer Lasts

We’re at the peak of summer and things are getting steamy out there. So, we thought we’d share our team’s 10 favorite ways to stay cool this summer:

1. Find your favorite swimming hole

These are a couple of local favorites near Rochester: Long Point State Park & Grimes Glen in Naples

2. Eat cooling foods

Think watermelon and other melons, cucumbers, grapes, celery, zucchini, and more. Here are 27 foods that help beat the heat in the summer.

3. Water is your best friend

Water infused with herbs like mint, cilantro, and lemon verbena and fruits and vegetables keep things delicious and interesting. Give these recipes a try.

4. Get reading!

Did you know most libraries are air-conditioned? Stop by, grab a book, and take a break from the heat.

5. Plant a tree

Take a break from the sun and plant some extra trees in your yard to create shade for you, your house, and your furry friends.

6. Cook without the stove

Try making summer salads and other items that don’t require appliances like the stove or microwave.

7. Attend an outdoor movie screening

Take advantage of the temperate summer nights by getting out once the sun goes down. See if your town offers free summer movies in the park like Rochester does.

8. Check out that gallery or museum near you.

A great place to lose yourself on a hot day is in the sweet, sweet temperature-controlled environment of your local museum.

9. Swim at your community pool or spray park.

Have you looked into what’s in your neighborhood? You may be surprised to find you can cool off for free (or nearly free) in public pools or spray parks near you.

10. Hit the trails.

Find some shade in nature by exploring your local hiking trails. This site can help you find great parks near you.

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