TGW’s new Brand Manager: Meet Emily

As the seasons changed, so did TGW Studio. Nearing summer’s end always causes a jumble of mixed feelings, but we’ve enjoyed getting to know the newest member of our team, Emily! Amidst the hustle and bustle, we sat down with Emily to ask her our most pressing questions about work, interests, and hobbies. Without further ado, here’s her response.

What brought you to brand management and marketing?

I started as a psychology major in college and remember seeing a cool documentary about the psychology of advertising. After that, I changed my major to communications and knew I wanted to work at an advertising agency.

What got you interested in TGW’s mission?

It’s not often that you can find businesses that are actually taking actionable steps toward supporting social change. Something that initially drew me to TGW was that we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk too.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Hmm… I can play the banjo. 🙂 My favorite song to play is “26” by Caamp.

What book, TV show, movie, or game most impacted you as a kid?

Way too many things. Trail running and outside time is a biggy for me. I try to go on one camping/backpacking trip every season. But I also have a million other hobbies like reading, painting, writing, playing music, and a good thrift.

3 fun facts about Emily:

  1. I pole vaulted in high school and college.
  2. I got my black belt when I was 14.
  3. I lived in Greece for three months between college semesters.

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