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Welcoming Kristina to the TGW Team

We’ve got some exciting news around these parts. We’ve got a fresh [old] face around the studio. This month we welcome [back] Kristina Button as our new Content Creator. You may recognize her face because she interned with us in early 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited to have her back full-time.

This Michigan native comes to us, most recently, from Roberts Wesleyan College where she served as the President of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and Team Captain for two sports: volleyball and track and field. She graduated in May with a double major in Marketing and Social Science. Her fresh perspective and determined focus will be invaluable to the team, as will her height when reaching the coffee cups on the top shelf (who put those there anyway!?). 

Fun Facts About Kristina:

Benjamin Franklin helped bring her Earthside – kinda.
She was born in the first established hospital in the United States, Pennsylvania Hospital, founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1751.

She’s always looking up.
She believes that crime rates would significantly drop if people were more intentional about looking up at the sky every day. It reminds us of how small we are. 

Call her mellow yellow.
Her favorite color is yellow, and her least favorite color is yellow (when people get it wrong). The question is, did we get it right at TGW Studio?

She’s backward, or is it upside down?
She writes her O’s starting from the bottom! WHAT! 

She loves her Bae.
Old Bay that is. She puts Old Bay seasoning on her popcorn and has been known to sneak it into movie theaters. 

With all the fibers in our beings, welcome Kristina, we are giddy to have you on our team in an official capacity. We look forward to watching you grow within your role at TGW and beyond. 

Founded in 2012 by Lisa Kribs, TGW Studio is an LGBTQ+/non-binary/women-owned and -operated social impact marketing firm that partners with forward-thinking brands to tell their stories. We’re a full-service marketing firm proudly creating and communicating purposeful experiences for businesses and organizations across sectors and society.

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