Photo of the interior of TGW offices with a green tree, office windows, and a poster that has a rainbow over Rochester with the text 'Rochester Monroe County, NY, a great place to do business'

What Is Good Business?

The word “good” is pretty subjective.

For example, some say 1983 was a good year for wine while others say it was utterly underwhelming.

So what does it mean to be a good business? Again, that’s often a matter of personal opinion, so let’s stick to the facts.

Not only are we a Certified B Corporation and a member of 1% for the Planet, but a big part of what makes our business good is the people we employ, the causes we support, and the businesses we partner with.

All three of these factors come together to create positive social change that not only benefits us as a company but also benefits our local community and beyond.

Yes, we’re a good business, and we’re not just saying that to toot our own horn. It’s something we can say with both pride and genuine humility because we’re continuously striving to become better.

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