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Creatives! Work Smarter, Not Harder With These Digital Shortcuts

Working at a computer day in and day out can be taxing. We took the time to find all the best websites, extensions, and short cuts to make your life easier. Check ’em out below.

For Design Folks

This extension is your go-to font-finding friend! Download, and when you hover over a font, it will provide an accurate read. Comic Sans, who?

The range of colors is infinite. Discover the exact combination of red, green, and blues on your screen with this easy-to-use eyedropper that provides you the exact HTML color code. 

Every brand needs a killer palette. Create the best color combos with this generator! It’s as easy as pressing the spacebar. 

Do you know the difference between a font being bouncy, doodle, or magic? GooFonts does. Creators Paulina Hetman and Joe Vains went through the 950+ Google Fonts to tag each one with keywords to help you complement your brand accurately. 

Social Media & Copywriting

Content creation can become overwhelming. Simplify this task with this application that lets you schedule posts, create shop grids, and gain critical insights into your account performance.

Hashtags help lead audiences to your digital content. Ensure you are gaining the best scope with this tool that identifies if your tag is best, good, bad, or completely useless. #ouch

Avoid grammar and spelling errors with this tool! From emails to social platforms, Grammarly effortlessly cleans up your work so you can share your message accurately.

Staying Tidy (Digitally)

If you work in marketing, you understand what it’s like to have countless tabs and windows cluttering your computer. Clean it up with Shift, a desktop app that organizes all your work applications and accounts for easy navigation.

Ever want to save a story and take it on the go? This extension makes it possible! Identify pages for safekeeping and access in one easy click. 

Rally your team with this organization tool! Acting as an agenda book gone online, you can create projects and break out the tasks to ensure quality team output. 

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