Take root in Auburn.

TGW Studio partnered with the Auburn Industrial Development Authority (AIDA) to craft a compelling brand that highlights the charm and value of Auburn, New York. Through a thorough understanding of Auburn’s unique attributes, we worked to develop a brand identity that resonates with both the local community and potential investors looking to take root.

Auburn’s tree logomark symbolizes the city’s rich history, from its significance in the Underground Railroad to the women’s suffrage movement and beyond. The converging roots represent a meeting place while also signifying how individuals and ideas “take root” in the fertile soil of Auburn’s past and present.

Unveiling Auburn’s Official Podcast

“The Auburn Possibility” is a podcast that dives into all things Auburn, New York. It’s a fun and informative listen that covers local stories, ideas, and opportunities, bringing out the vibrant spirit of this community.

Highland Planning

TGW Studio lead a brand refresh and website redesign for Highland Planning, an urban planning firm that collaborates with municipalities, government agencies, developers, the community, and other stakeholders to help shape and enhance the built environment in the Rochester NY area and beyond.

Highland Planning’s logo, resembling building blocks or a map, conveys the idea of collaborative urban planning as a multifaceted puzzle where diverse elements harmoniously come together to shape communities.

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TGW Studio worked with The Partnership for Ontario County to brand and create EmpowerOC.org: an online platform complete with resources about health-related to empower youth in Ontario County. 

Simple and Straightforward

Empower OC’s website uses straightforward language to ensure that young individuals can easily access the resources they need. It simplifies the process of finding essential support, making it highly user-friendly for young people looking for answers.

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